Perfect gift for a new parent!

I love this book for it's simplicity and thoroughness - if that makes any sense! Dr K. touches on just about every subject a new parent would need to know from birth through the difficult teen years. I especially love the medical portions. It's much nicer to see a clear picture and have clear directions on how to treat something from a trusted doctor than running off to Google (!!) or to my child's own doctor with every little ailment.

I'll be giving the book to all my new-parent friends and telling them to ignore the other parenting books!

Julie B

Wish I Had this book 30 years ago!

I received this book at a workshop I attended and after flipping through it, I REALLY wish I had it when I had my kids 30 years ago. Good information about all the little ailments that worry us so as parents as well as great tips on educating your child and teaching responsibility. I will be saving for my children when they finally give me grandkids!!

Susan Weis

The Total Parent - The Total Package

Round Two: I was babysitting for my niece's kids and pulled The Total Parent off of her bookshelf and found sound, practical advice that reinforces the nursing skills/medical background all parents need to know! It is a great medical reference guide for all parents to have on hand. (I only wish I had this when my kids were babies!) I truly appreciate how well the medical explanations are handled, and was really impressed with the chapters on raising a successful student, teaching values, and all the inspiration (support, advice, TLC!) on general parenting issues.

D. DeTarsio

Excellent Resource for ALL Parents

I have used The Total Parent as a resource guide for several years. There is a lot of very useful information for all aspects of parenting. The book is very well laid out and written in easy-to-understand terms, unlike many other medical books. I highly recommend this book for all parents.


A Parenting Safety Net

Parenting is aptly described as an "amazing experience" by Dr. K. His knowledge and experience both as a doctor and father has made an instant difference in my daily routines with my own children. As a working mother who gave birth to twins about two-and-a-half years ago, The Total Parent has added a whole new element of useful and insightful practices to my routines. The book is a combination of reference points, visual diagrams, checklists and simple descriptions that put answers to a lot of questions. Think of this book as a safety net. You never know when you'll need it, but it will be there to help you when you do.

Deborah Cairo

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